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  • Feed the fish

Looking for things to do in San Antonio? Want family fun? This is a really fun place to bring your kids. But we have activities for kids and adults alike. Our facility features thousands of species! We have reptiles, warm and cold water fish, various exotic birds, and so much more!

Daily Calendar Of Shows

Daily Schedule:

11:30 Radiant Reptile Encounter
12:00 Exotic Birds on Stage
12:30 Meet Neptune the Giant Pacific Octopus
1:00 Caiman Talk & Touch
1:30 Radiant Reptile Encounter
2:00 Meet Neptune the Giant Pacific Octopus
2:30 Exotic Birds on Stage
3:00 Caiman Talk & Touch
3:30 Radiant Reptile Encounter
4:00 Meet Neptune the Giant Pacific Octopus
4:30 Exotic Birds on Stage

Weekends & Holidays & Spring Break:
11:00-5:00 Selfies with Miranda the Mermaid

Among the exhibits, you can experience:

  • Sharks, Stingrays
  • Corals, and other invertebrates
  • Lorikeets, Toucans and Macaws
  • Tropical fish, and cold water fish including dozens of species of rockfish and flatfish

  • Rain Forest Area, including exotic reptiles and amphibians
  • Giant Pacific Octopus
  • Learn how Dinosaurs are connected to sea life.
  • and on select days….Mermaids!