Experience Thousands of Species and Interactive Exhibits

…for Kids and Families

Among the exhibits featured throughout San Antonio’s newest attraction are a wide variety of amphibians, an interactive Lorikeet and Parakeet Aviary, and a variety of cold water and tropical fish.  In addition, San Antonio Aquarium features sharks, a stingray touch tank, and a rainforest with hundreds of reptiles!


The San Antonio Aquarium welcomes everyone to enjoy the unique interactive experiences found within, and is especially excited to introduce children and families to the world beneath the ocean’s surface.  Guests are encouraged to hand feed sharks, rays, birds, and fish, or to get up close and personal with many of the reptiles and other animals on exhibit.  Above all, the San Antonio Aquarium promotes education through an interactive experience in a comfortable environment.  Kids and adults alike are sure to be amazed at the soft skin of sharks and rays among other experiences.

The San Antonio Aquarium provides children and families access to the excitement and learning opportunities of the ocean without the long trip to the coast.  Guests can watch jellyfish gently float and glow and admire the bright and colorful corals, all within easy reach of home.  The Aquarium offers multiple educational programs and events for kids, as well as behind the scenes tours for those curious about just what it takes to keep an aquarium in good working order.  Popular programs developed by the owners from their other locations, such as Birthday Parties, Octopus Encounters and Sleep with the Sharks programs, will also be featured here at the San Antonio Aquarium.

“We hope to inspire a young generation of ocean explorers and conservationists through education and a shared experience with a live animal, to create an appreciation for the oceans,” says Owner, Marc Gottlieb.  With over 8,000 living animals representing habitats from the Oregon shores to remote Indonesian Islands, the experience will instill respect and awe for our rich aquatic resources.  The owners place a premium on the family experience, with a special interest in foster children.  Having hosted 31 of their own, and adopting 3, they understand the struggles foster families face, and therefore offer free admission to foster children.  Also included in free admission are all families, children, and employees of Austin Children’s Shelter and Children at Heart Ministries, who together help thousands of families in difficult circumstances.

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